Monday, July 23, 2012

Learning to Love Discipline

I find with my boys that they hate discipline as they take it very personally. Most of the time it is more like correction than anything else. They aren't in trouble; I am not upset with them and yet it is like the end of the world. Today in reading my Bible, I came to Proverbs 12:1--Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. (ESV) In all truth, no one really likes to be corrected; but as illustrated in this verse, we learn from discipline. And the true goal of the disciplinarian is that those under their care learn to self-discipline. I pray today that my children learn to love discipline that it will bring them to knowledge.

This past week, my husband and I have been discussing making a chore chart for the kids and starting this new school year right--not only academically but spiritually (which I will get to in another post) and also diligently--more discipline. So today I typed up a chart with their daily and weekly chores. We sat the boys down and went over it together. Needless to say, they were not thrilled to learn about MORE chores and less game time but honestly we weren't asking for much. We will just keep on with the discipline and pray that in time they recognize the knowledge they have gained.


Leah Mathis said...

My husband and I have been discussing the same thing! We are trying to get some chores in place for the upcoming year. I just have to create a nice chore chart to enforce it. I have seen quite a few cute ideas. Glad I found your blog! I am another homeschooling mama! :)
Learning 4 Keeps

Cindy K. Green said...

Hi Leah, thanks for your comment. I have found a couple neat ideas of instituting chores this year. Hopefully we can keep it going week after week.