Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Workboxes Part 3: What's in them?

To finish off this series on Sue Patrick's Workbox system, I'll share what we put in them.

My 2nd grader uses the workboxes in the traditional sense as the author originally proposed they be used. We have a shoe rack and 12 plastic boxes on it.

Box 1 contains his Bible and his Bible workbook and the teacher's edition.
Box 2 contains either materials for history or science (we alternate days--2 days history/2 days science)
Box 3 contains reading and phonics materials.
Box 4 is the snack box. There is a sticker on the front which says 'Snack'. Sometimes I even put a snack inside the box.
Box 5 contains Math U See materials including DVD, worksheet and blocks.
Box 6 contains handwriting book and Explode the Code pages.
Box 7 contains the books for First Language Lessons and Writing with Ease.
Box 8 is the 'Fun' or 'Activity' box. This would hold materials for what some call 'Stations'. There might be a Lego set,  parts to a project like putting together a solar system mobile, puzzles, play-doh, educational games, wipe-off books. Really anything that you usually would not have time for during school year but wish you did. They take 20 minutes and then put it away. I include a timer.
Box 9 is the 'Lunch' box. We usually get done before lunch and so skip this box but just in case we have a slow day we can take a break and eat some lunch before finishing our last subjects.
Box 10 contains 'seat work'. I give my youngest a little bit of busy work because a.) he likes it and b.) it gives him something to do when I can't work with him at that moment. I put in what he needs for our math fact program and worksheets from an old 1st grade math book and Phonics book.
Box 11 contains whatever Read-Aloud book we are reading.
Box 12 contains instructions or materials for elective classes. Right now that is Typing and Latin.

This is what we are using in the workboxes this year. I hope it has been of help to those of you thinking about using the system. It has been a real godsend this year. We have been productive. The kids have been less whiny about their work because they know what they have to do and want to get done with the last box. Most of all they are becoming independent workers.